What is the money for?

Our original target of £55,000 was made up of the costs of the SDR surgery itself, our stay near the hospital (the family need to live nearby for over three weeks), any equipment that he needed and finally it included the funds needed for a year’s intensive physiotherapy after the operation. Without ongoing therapy Daniel cannot benefit from the SDR operation, so it was important that we allowed for plenty of physio input after his hospital stay.

Since we met our target in November 2013 and were able to book the surgery, we have continued with the fundraising that was planned, and we’re delighted that the total raised is so fantastic (over £90K at the time of writing!). This means that Daniel can now have several years of physiotherapy, which will give him the best possible opportunity in life. Daniels family, friends and community have really rallied around and we are beyond delighted with the support we have received. We cannot thank you all enough!

There are several different ways of donating to One Big Step for Daniel

The Tree of Hope Children’s Charity are helping us to raise money for Daniel via Just Giving. All the money donated is ring-fenced for Daniel and will be used to help him on his journey to SDR. Donating via the Just Giving page has the benefit that those who pay UK income tax can claim Gift Aid on their donations, making your money go that much further for Daniel!

We have also set up an account at Natwest called ‘One Big Step for Daniel’. If you want to donate into this account, please contact me ( to arrange the best way to do this. We are hugely grateful for all donations received and we would love to know who to thank.

You can text us a donation – and even include gift aid! This a free service and incredibly easy to use. Just text STEP89 £10 (or any donation you choose) to 70070. It’s as simple as that to help us!

We are also very grateful to receive a cheque, please make these payable to One Big Step for Daniel and send them to us at our home address. We can send you this address via email if you need it.


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